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Valencia Hess


Colt: A Mountain Firefighter Short Romance (Smoke Canyon Volunteers Book Three)


I only know two things about Colt McNair.

The first is that whenever I catch sight of him, he sets parts of me on fire I don't know I'll ever put out.

The second is that the very night I met him, he did something I can never forgive.

He's hot is sin, but I'm not going to let him be my downfall.


Saving lives for a living was never supposed to be easy. Sometimes it's downright torture.

Not many people know how wrong our latest rescue could have gone. Of the people who know, most think it's my fault. It's not my place to argue with them, even if I know the truth.

Harper loves as fiercely as she hates. For just a second it felt like I knew what the first felt like, but now I'll only ever know the second.

I'm a man who believes in making his own destiny, but in life and death, forgiveness can be a mountain too high to climb.

Smoke Canyon Volunteers is a series of fast-paced short romances about rugged firefighters, beautiful mountain settings, small-town warmth, and happily ever afters. Colt is the third book in the series, but don't worry, this is a complete standalone romance all its own, with HEA and NO cliffhangers!

Approximately 40 pages (10000 words) in length.

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bbw alpha male romance, instalove, quick read romance, fireman

First Published 2022-06-03 by Corner Reads