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Valencia Hess


A Mountain Veil: A Secret Billionaire Bad Boy Mountain Man Romance Novella (Kluwe Family Book 2)


She's a splash of color in a sea of black leather and dim light. She must be lost, but she's right where she needs to be.

She doesn't know it, but she's broadcasting a message loud and clear. And even if I'm not the most likely recipient, I know I'm the one that's been waiting to hear it.

For one crazy night, all my rough edges and all her complications don't mean anything.

But now it's morning.

All those complications are just the start of how this has to end.


All my life, my world has revolved around a word. "Can't." For one crazy night, Noah makes me forget that word and everything it's ever held me back from.

But for all the wild feelings, we never went past a few words and a kiss.

And now it can never be more than that. It can't ever happen again.

Family and promises have a way of taking away the things I want more than anything. I thought I knew how much that could hurt. I was wrong.

The Kluwe Family is a series of sweet and steamy romance novellas about sexy mountain men, curvy heroines, beautiful scenery, small-town warmth, and happily ever afters. A Mountain Veil is the second book in the series, but you don't have to read the others to enjoy this standalone romance novella with HEA and NO cliffhangers!

If you like steamy instalove stories about alpha male mountain men and curvy women finding love in a wild Alaska mountain setting, you'll love this series.

Approximately 140 pages (35000 words) in length.

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bbw alpha male romance, instalove, quick read romance, mountain man, kluwe family, novella

First Published 2021-12-31 by Corner Reads